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November is Here but the Halloween Scares Aren't Over Just Yet!

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Halloween day may have come and gone but the scary-good fun doesn't stop this weekend. A ton of Haunted Attractions here in San Antonio are still opening their doors to thrill seekers for the next couple of days. End the Halloween Season off right and make the most out of the local scares that are nearest you!

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House of Torment Austin
Austin, TX
Open Friday 11/2, Saturday 11/3 and 2 other dates
Scary should always be this fun at Austin's premiere haunted attraction, House of Torment! Famed for it's over-the-top production value and creativity, House of Torment Austin has been recognized by local, regional and national media outlets as one of the best haunted houses in the country.
13th Floor Haunted House San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
Open Friday 11/2 and Saturday 11/3
Get ready for the most fun you've ever had getting scared this Halloween season, at 13th Floor Haunted House! In most buildings, the 13th floor doesn't exist – but here, in the heart of the Alamo City, it's terrifyingly real.
Ripley's Haunted Adventure
San Antonio, TX
Open Friday 11/2, Saturday 11/3, Sunday 11/4 and 26 other dates
Experience three unique attractions including Guinness World Records Museum which introduces the brand NEW Attempt Arena!
South Texas Maize
Hondo, TX
Open Friday 11/2, Saturday 11/3, Sunday 11/4 and 9 other dates
The South Texas Maize in Hondo is a family experience — with food and fun for all! We’re open weekends in the Fall. Just a short country drive from San Antonio in the heart of South Texas.



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